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Neurofeedback is the bridge.

My mission is to help you embody your greatness by helping you overcome chronic ailments and restoring brain power.

12 million women in the U.S. experience depression with accompanying symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. 91% of millennial’s experience anxiety and depression. We have a technology that helps relieve those symptoms so that suffers can overcome their ailments and experience life with joy and ease.

Through Neurofeedback and soul coaching tips for self-help, you will gain the skills of self-mastery. Your personal life issues, emergencies and traumas become building blocks for your breakthrough. You gain the wisdom and insight of the sages while boosting your brain power. Neurofeedback has the power to help you recover physically and emotionally.

Neurofeedback gets clients started on the accelerated path to divine transformation. It makes change easy. By optimizing the brainwave frequencies clients are experiencing great success in improved relationships, enhanced performance, mood stabilization, renewed energy and confidence. Physical ailments are diminishing without the use of drugs.

Egyptian Hippie Shaman



Infra-Low (IFL) Neurofeedback, also known as Brain Biofeedback, has been described as meditation on steroids. It gets you results of calm and focus quickly, therefore getting you in your peak performance zone of anything you’re seeking to improve. Neurofeedback is a technique that allows a person to modify their brainwaves, and within a few sessions gives you the brainwave state of a 20 year meditating zen monk. It is a proven powerful personal growth and development system. Neurofeedback has been used to successfully help individuals suffering with mood disorders such as anxiety & depression ,  dementia,   learning and memory issues, stress, sleep disturbances, sadness, chronic pain, lack of self-confidence and more. More recently it has been used with patients before, during, and after cancer treatment. Patients who are left with “chemo brain” and neuropathy discover a return to balance and restored memory.  Other side benefits show up as reduction in stress, pain and nausea while strengthening the immune system. See how nutrition can maximize your Neurofeedback sessions. If time or money prevent you from training, ask about our home training.

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Soul Coaching


 When emotions are not expressed they have the ability to tuck themselves away somewhere in the body. They become our orphan children in hiding. Fear, anger, and sadness occasionally appear in the unconscious states, in dreams, in body aches and diseased states. Doctors confirm that the stress of fear, anger, and depression can lead to back pain, heart disease, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders to name a few. According to PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) you will find certain emotions and neurotransmitter links to particular emotions. Chinese medicine demonstrates this in the Five Element Theory. For example the adrenals and thyroid can be linked to confusion, the bladder deals with irritation, the kidneys-feelings of fear or dread, the liver- anger, the lungs- grief, the pancreas- low self esteem, the stomach- disgust, and so on. If you prefer a spiritually based technology we use Shamanistic Energy Medicine and yogic sadhana to address these concerns. This spiritual technology can also be used in conjunction with Neurofeedback.

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ADHD often co-exist with anxiety and depression. In many cases it goes unnoticed if anxiety or depression is diagnosed first. ADHD shares many of the same symptoms as depression such as lack of motivation, fatigue, memory loss, forgetfulness, sadness, irritability, boredom, insomnia and feelings of worthlessness to name a few.

An excellent and highly effective, natural, drug-free and pain-free approach is Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is biofeedback for the brain. Sensors are put on the scalp which pick up the brainwave frequencies. The brainwaves power a game on the computer and it continues to play as long as the brainwaves stay within the reward frequency. This is the biofeedback. After a few sessions the clients brainwaves will stay within the reward frequency without having to play the game. The results are powerful. I have experienced favorable results with clients of military veteran status who have experienced trauma, young students on the Autistic Spectrum, and students with symptoms of ADHD.

In studies Neurofeedback has been shown to increase focus, comprehension, memory, attention and processing speed. It has also shown to increase IQ scores by 10 points.

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Rites of Passage


Rites of passage mark the transition from one phase to another. It is a ceremony to celebrate the ending of one phase and crossing the threshold into another. The two specialty rites through Egyptian Hippie are the Women’s Rite of the Womb for healing, and the Death Rite for ease of final transition. These rites can be performed in person or virtual.


 Our clients find their mood stabilizes, joy increases as sadness and melancholy lift, pain diminishes and often disappears, focus increases, creativity and motivation increases, inflammation decreases, medicine dosages decrease.  Discover how our services can benefit you. Schedule for a free consult.