• If you remove the blockages, and give the body what it needs, it can regenerate itself. Discover your wholeness today.

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  • We facilitate your awakening to personal greatness. Our coaching is not therapy. We deal with the practical issues which include goal setting and achievement within a certain timeframe. Coaching does not employ therapeutic intervention but does apply Strategic Intervention. In this process you will receive guidance to achieve your maximum potential. On your journey you can expect to achieve greater confidence, discover life purpose, improve relationships, brain-wellness, and stress mastery. Contact me for a free consultDetails

Source Powered Wellness technologies is a holistic approach to wellness. It is one of the most powerful technologies to whole person wellbeing. With EH you can receive healthy transformations for your mind, body, spirit. We offer you something beyond. Whether you are using our Source Powered Wellness merchandise, sessions, or classes, you will discover your own personal path to health and enlightenment. With EH Source Powered Yoga or personal sessions you can gain life balance, boost brain power and unblock emotional pathways.