Soul Coaching


Soul Coaching serves to remove obstacles that keep you from accomplishing your goals. It clears the channels of the body so you can experience freedom of spirit, joy, abundance.

We assist with the clearing of energy pathways in the auric field, chakras, and body. These blockages are energetic disturbances in the unseen realm, and they manifest as physical reality in the body if it is not cleared. Based on where the blocked energy is stored in the body the doctor will diagnose your dis-ease, or dis-order. Blockage in the pancreas can create symptoms of diabetes. Blockage in the liver can create migraines.  You can clear these disturbances before they have a chance to manifest into a physical condition if you are a proactive individual.

Beyond physical remediation of emotional and physical symptoms, clients also report feelings of lightness, increase in intuition, dissolving long held anger, increase in visions and downloads, seeing ancestors, communication from guides, increase in healing ability, expedited answers to prayer, a sense of calm, etc.

Soul Coaching helps individuals to connect to their divine nature, their Inner Temple.

With Soul Coaching you receive, Archangel Metatron Activation, Pranic Healing, and Nutrition Coaching.

Matthew 19:24 “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.”

Think of your burdens as being the treasures of the rich man who is carrying too much. If you don’t release them you cannot create heaven on earth. Forgiveness is the way. The secret is Love. Release your burdens today