Inner Temple Activation

Unlocking The Technology Within You

The secret is discovered.  Within the first line of every DNA strand it has the exact code in each strand: “God eternal within the body.” Gregg Braden

Now is the time for you to tap into your limitless. Unlock the god-code within you.

Through Pranic Healing, and Soul Coaching tips for self-help and self-care, you will gain the skills of self-mastery. Your personal life issues, emergencies and traumas become building blocks for your breakthrough. You gain the wisdom and insight of the sages while boosting your brain power. Our Soul Coaching program has the power to help you recover physically and emotionally.

Soul Coaching get clients started on the accelerated path to divine transformation. It makes change easy. By optimizing the brainwave frequencies through specialized meditations and healing activations clients are experiencing great success in improved relationships, enhanced performance, mood stabilization, renewed energy and confidence. Physical ailments are diminishing without the use of drugs.

Hadassah Nations:
Egyptian Hippie

Soul Coaching


 When emotions are not expressed they have the ability to tuck themselves away somewhere in the body. They become our orphan children in hiding. Fear, anger, and sadness occasionally appear in the unconscious states, in dreams, in body aches and diseased states. Doctors confirm that the stress of fear, anger, and depression can lead to back pain, heart disease, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders to name a few. According to PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) you will find certain emotions and neurotransmitter links to particular emotions. Chinese medicine demonstrates this in the Five Element Theory. For example the adrenals and thyroid can be linked to confusion, the bladder deals with irritation, the kidneys-feelings of fear or dread, the liver- anger, the lungs- grief, the pancreas- low self esteem, the stomach- disgust, and so on. If you prefer a spiritually based technology we use Pranic Energy Healing, Angel Healing with Archangel Metatron to address these concerns. We also incorporate nutrition coaching.

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Death Doula


Death and dying. Have you thought about it lately? We are all going to make that fateful trip. Are you ready? What must you do to prepare for that special day? Let us support you to ease your suffering when that moment arrives. We help you  prepare while you are still healthy. We coach you through the process of preparation, and by the end of our coaching sessions you will have your  End-of-Life paperwork ie wills, healthcare directives, etc; and End-of-Life plan ie your choice of final resting place and decision on final days at home or in a care facility, etc.
When you are in the dying phase we  provide assistance to your support team, provide you with companionship and a listening ear to discuss what may be challenging for family members.
We make the death and dying process more meaning for everyone involved. 

Ceremonial Rites


Women are the natural healers and nurturers in the home. We wish to restore women to their original place by offering the Women’s Rite of the Womb created by devoted shaman teacher Marcela Lobos.

We offer personalized ceremony creation.

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Our clients find their mood stabilizes, joy increases as sadness and melancholy lift, pain diminishes and often disappears, focus increases, creativity and motivation increases, inflammation decreases, medicine dosages decrease.  Discover how our services can benefit you. Schedule for a consultation.  Please include phone number, best days and time to reach you, and include your time zone.  We will confirm an appointment at the most convenient time.